The Incredible Girl was born into an ordinarily strange family and grew up with perfectly normal problems.  The trials of childhood and the teenage years were simply practice tests for adulthood, however, and the challenges she faced were not only difficult, but had lasting effects on who she was and how she responded to the world around her.  She’d always been a smart and tough little cookie, but for some years she had used her powers for evil instead of good.  Her sharp intellect was used to protect her own hide from the sting of embarrassment and her ego was aimed at feats that drained her innate power.  She hadn’t been gifted with physical prowess and so her mind had to be her weapon, and use it she did.

Eventually, that lost girl became a person who hit rock bottom when all of her flaws were written in neon lights for her to see.  She had no one to turn to in her darkest time, but it was alone in the dark that she learned, slowly, to become incredible.  No longer able to escape herself, the Incredible Girl learned how to change the image reflected at her into the sort of person she wished to become.  It took many years simply to become decent, in her own harsh opinion, but now she fights for greatness.  Even today, she is transforming from the insecure little fat girl into the powerful woman she dreams of being.  Some of her battles are recorded here in the hopes that one day she can help others.

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  1. sidheletters says:

    ❤ I believe in you 😀

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